Emerald Velo Cycling is a bicycle racing club, members are encouraged to, but are not required to race. We provide volunteer support to one of our sponsors (River City Bicycles), as necessary. We lead training rides (with the emphasis on race preparation & conditioning) on days in which there are no conflicting races.

Currently, there are organized “training for racing” Saturday team rides and sometimes a Sunday team ride. On occasion, we have mid-week rides (when daylight allows). Attending some of these rides will enable you to get to know the individual members who are in your category, which in turn may provide opportunities to arrange for training-rides at times other than the weekends. If the team philosophies correspond with your goals, then you might wish to consider joining the team. Note: any team member is encouraged to lead a ride, so as a member, you could set-up times for other than weekends, if that better fits into your riding & training schedule.

As a team, we support each other in training and racing. Often team racing tactics can determine the outcome of a race and thus it is not necessarily the strongest rider who would win, making it easier to be competitive when racing as part of a team, as opposed to competitors who are riding unattached. When possible, competitors also communicate in advance of events to organize ride-sharing to out-of-town races. This provides a two-fold benefit: cost savings plus emergency support in the instance of an accident.

There is also a “training camp” available in early season for a greater degree of race season preparation.

Potential members are encouraged to come out to one of the team rides, as posted on the Emerald Velo website, to see if they are a good “fit” (i.e., goals, attitude, etc.) for the team.

The race re-imbursement program allows for 50% of the entry fee to be returned (this goes into effect after new members have been on the team for one year).

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